Based on the Stimmunology technology, The SMARTube™ is a pre-analytic device (treating the blood before testing) enabling detection of various infections within days of infection using currently available antibody tests (e.g. EIA, Rapid test, Western Blot, etc’). Enhancement of antibody production in a blood sample, using the SMARTube™, enables to close the serological window period between infection and possible detection, independent of the length of the serological window period and the presence of virus in the blood. The SMARTube™ reduces the rate of both false positive and false negative results.

By using SMARTube™ missed (hidden) infections, due to the Window Period, will be detected


The concept of the SMARTube™ HIV&HCV  is to enable antibody production, in a small blood sample, within days from infection, without having to wait for the body to produce antibodies weeks or months later. This is done by pushing HIV and/or HCV primed cells for antibody production at levels that can be detected by current testing.

SMARTube™ closes the Window Period- the vast majority of infected people can be detected shortly after infection.


SMARTube™ HIV&HCV Benefits:

SMARTube™  enables detection within days of exposure — closes the Window Period
SMARTube™  increases sensitivity, with higher levels of antibodies for better detection
SMARTube™  increases specificity, with a lower number of false positives
SMARTube™  saves cost of repeat testing and enables better planning of budget
SMARTube™  enables detection of recent infections which are the key to control the HIV/HCV epidemics 
SMARTube™  enables measurement of incidence levels for more effective and focused prevention program